Insights and opinions on Information Technology from George Tomko, a veteran CIO turned renegade consultant.


CIOs Should Quit Worrying About Being CIOs

Articles, blog posts, tweets, forum comments and presentations spend too much time trying to legitimize the CIO position as business relevant. I have been hearing for years the endless drone of questions about whether the CIO belongs at the “table” with other executives. Others express opinions about whether IT is losing “control” or is being marginalized in some way. The latest IT “torpedo” was supposed to be the “cloud”. Fact is, “cloud” means nothing to the enterprise without executive leadership. The idea that each department is going to cut its own deal is laughable — unless you are the one selling services and want to bypass the technology gatekeeper.

It is not as if this hasn’t been tried before. Different day different hype bomb. I think I see another one coming: “consumerization” of IT.

Now our demise will come from the individual with his/her iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device.

Ultimately, if you are a weak CIO, you will be pushed around. The successful ones I know do not sit around fretting about their worth. They are focused on understanding the needs of their organizations and delivering the IT capabilities.